Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management System

The Fuuz applications platform provides real-time visibility into the location of inventory and assets. Whether you manage a single facility or a global organization, Fuuz’ pre-built warehouse management tools scale with your needs. There are no limitations on the number of SKUs, locations, or warehouses that you can manage. And solutions from Fuuz can easily be augmented, enabling mobile applications for inventory management, introducing technology such as RFID tracking, generating paperwork, label printing, scale integrations and more based on your needs.

fuuz™ software platform screenshot

Manage your logistics department with ease with the ability to configure your own picking and put-away solutions. When you’re shipping just in time to your customers, the Fuuz applications platform eliminates manual paperwork and breakdowns in communication. Fuuz can also determine the most efficient picking strategy or put-away logic, taking into account your warehouse setup, manpower, and any other relevant factors.

With Fuuz, you can develop the warehouse management solution your business needs in as little as a day, not months or years. Eliminate the cost of wasted movement and potential risks or shutdowns with a real-time solution that enables you to use modern technology to improve your material flow.