Warehouse Management

Coud ERP and MES

Warehouse Management System

Fuuz MES provides several off the shelf features to get your warehouse up and running fast. The package management capabilities of the Fuuz platform allow our customer’s to pick and choose from a library of standard components to build their ideal WMS solution and integrate it with existing software if necessary. 

Dozens of pre-built processes drive implementation time down compared to other software packages and eliminate starting from scratch. The platform is version-less, which means you get the ability to customize your solution but the reliability of not being on an island with custom software. Possible combinations of features is endless, no matter what industry you’re in you’ll quickly realize that Fuuz is the right solution.

How do we do it? You’ll have to request a demo to find out. We’re so proud of our software that you’ll see examples below of just a few options, we don’t hide behind cartoon graphics. 

Warehouse Setup and Configuration


Setup facilities to represent the various physical buildings on your ‘campus’ – typically facilities will be in the same timezone and general vicinity to each other; otherwise, the multi-enterprise Fuuz platform would create tenants for each of your major locals and facilities within those tenants to be managed discretely or as an enterprise.

Facility Management
Simple and effective facility / warehouse setup and management


Locations can be multi-level, locations exist within facilities and provide the ability to define attributes about each facility – such as aisles, racks, shelf and bin locations. Floor locations like “Quality Hold” or even transactional locations like the Shipping or Receiving Docks. Some installations require setup of your Dock Doors as locations allowing for more advanced solutions such as RFID portals to be integrated with Fuuz WMS using our Gateway application.

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Location Management
Facility locations, bin locations and additional parameters

Cycle Counting

Cycle counting in Fuuz provides you the ablity to create automated cycles based on the traditional ABC parameters or you can define custom parameters that meet your specific needs. Parameters can be based on Customer, product, location, date based or pretty much anything else you want. You’ll be able to configure the system to automatically generate the cycle requirements so your team can work from a list and track metrics like on-time completions and accuracy. Alternatively, you can manually generate cycles anytime you need to, this is helpful for spot checking inventory, or doing quick turns in specific areas.

With the barcode labeling capabilities of Fuuz, your inventory counts are painless, you can choose to barcode individual handling units so that the process of counting is as simple as scanning it and verifying the count. You can configure the system to display information about the inventory to be counted if you choose, or hide that information from the user to force hand/weigh counts as appropriate.

Cycle Count List
Cycle Count Parameters
Cycle Count Results
Cycle Count App Screen

Fuuz can integrate with weigh scales – to further help you automate this process – drop the pallet on a scale, scan the label and automatically count that item as well as get a new barcode label for it if the values have been updated in in Fuuz. The time savings provided by Fuuz with the ability to streamline these monotonous tasks is a transformational impact to the business, inventory accuracy, visibility and ability to meet your customer demands.

Track when cycle counts have been started and all activities applied to them along the way, with individual count metrics, user tracking and more. At the end of the counting process some simple auditing is done to validate the count results, recount anything if necessary and finally accept or post those results back into Fuuz. If you are using Fuuz to connect with your ERP system, these results can be formatted in a report that can be provided to accounting, or we can push the changes automatically via APIs.


Directed Picking

Configure Fuuz using our workflow designer to incorporate any business rules you need to streamline your logistics flow. You can decide whether your business needs directed picking features such as warehouse guided routes, anti-collision, and even inventory controls such as FIFO or FEFO.

Directed Picking 1
Automated picking instructions based on customer orders

Manual Picking

Easy visibility to all of your inventory, by facility and location provides for the ad-hoc picking capability everyone needs. Fetching specific items or inventory for your sales or engineering teams, that may not be associated to a work order or shipment is a breeze.

Picking Strategies

No matter what strategy you wish to leverage – the Fuuz Flow designer allows easy configuration of a multitude of options. One of the benefits of Fuuz is that it is not a ‘one trick pony’ like other WMS solutions. Your picking strategies maybe unique by customer, product, location/facility, work order, etc. You’re not required to pick just one. Work with our team to implement the best and most efficient strategies for your operation.

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Directed Putaway

Fuuz can help you automate the process of putaway from receipt, from production or any other input. Ensuring that your most frequently needed items are put where they belong, to minimize the movement of them when they’re needed again. Manage the putaway by product, customer, workcenter, location or facility isolation techniques.

Put Away Directed2
Automated putaway based on several configuration options

Autonomous PutAway

The clear ability to find ‘empty’ or available locations within Fuuz makes it easy to find the perfect spot to put something – even if its not part of one of your putaway strategies. Save time by not wandering around the warehouse looking for an appropriate spot.

Putaway Configurations and Strategies

Define various attributes for products, locations, customers, workcenters and other resources to enable the workflow in Fuuz to automatically direct your workforce where they need to be in a timely fashion. Avoid collisions between multiple logistics personnel operating in the same space with our virtual cart like approach.

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Put Away Scanning Validation1
Quality and lot checks incorporated into logistics operations

Andon System

Andon is a system which notifies managerial, maintenance and other workers of a quality or process issue. This application is invaluable and will save you countless hours of production downtime.

Material Requests

In real time your production operation can create material requests using any device or terminal. These requests can be routed to the appropriate logistics person, direct them to the correct items or materials and then route them to where they should be delivered. All without any manual interaction, or overhead intercom notifications that go unanswered.

Andon Request Table1
Real time workcenter replenishment

Maintenance, Tooling, Packaging or other requests

Using the Fuuz platform, you can expand the use of our out of the box Andon solution to include things like Maintanance, tooling and even packaging or dunnage requests.

Andon Request Pickup2
Tablet apps for material handlers


Create notifications on large screen displays, send emails or even text messages to the appropriate person or groups.

Set schedules on your notifications so the right people are notified during different shifts, holidays, weekends, etc.

Escalations can also be configured, if a request is unanswered for some period of time, it can be escalated to a supervisor for example.

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Andon Request Fulfilment 3
Mobile optimized request management

Inventory Visibility

Inventory Management

Within Fuuz you can use the system to validate and verify inventory you have at any time. All transactions in Fuuz are performed real time – so your reports and queries are never dependent upon some integration running or some batch process like other solutions.

Track and monitor various inventory status within Fuuz – if QA puts something on hold the inventory in Fuuz can automatically be updated to prevent it from being included in a picking strategy, for example.

Inventory tracking methods within Fuuz can be setup specifically to your process, whether you need license plating, lot management or a simple perpetual inventory, just determine this during your implementation.

Inventory License Plates
License plating and lot tracking
Lot and lot attribute management
Lot history reporting and expiration tracking
Cycle results, audits and approvals



Integrate Fuuz with your existing ASRS, or have our team connect you with experts in the field that can help you with various options to address your warehousing needs.


Connect with RFID equipment on your lift trucks, building entryways, dock portals and more – to automate the transactions necessary to maintain accuracy on the movement of your materials. Track and manage various inventory handling units with RFID tags, either fixed or printed depending on your internal or customer requirements. With the integration of RFID between our warhousing solution and MES options, raw and wip materials can be auto-issued with the proper equipment in place, ensuring accurate transactional history for all of your traceability requirements. Eliminate the potential for workers not performing transactions in your software system, its relatively easy to do when the solution is designed by our expert implementation team with many years of experience. Fuuz also provides functionality to track dunnage and returnables with RFID technology, as well as integrate with your customer’s systems, in some cases this is becoming a standard industry requirement that can be easily met with the Fuuz platform, avoiding the need for separate, 3rd party applications and hardware.


Bi-directional integrations are simple with our Fuuz iPaaS module – you can pull detailed work order, sales order or purchase order information into Fuuz to make you’re WMS solution even more robust. Complete transactions using Fuuz just be performing the necessary WMS transactions – work order completions, transfer orders, sales order fulfilments and purchase receipts can all be facilitated within a single system.

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Track Performance

Indirect Transactional Performance

With the Fuuz platform solutions, every action performed creates an event in Fuuz which is date/time stamped along with the user that performed the transaction. This provides the unparalleled ability for you to have visibility to the performance of your logistics team that you’ve never had, and other solutions cannot offer you.


Andon Metrics

The andon solution provides in depth details to the request initiation, when its viewed, when the request is initiated in the system and when it finally arrived at the destination. Fuuz is a first, as an event driven architecture with the ability to track the request creation, acknowledgement and fulfilment activities providing you with details analysis about your indirect processes. This can be applied to workcenter replenishment, order fulfilment, putaway and picking processes and more, even maintenance requests. With this level of detail at your fingertips, you can make insightful decisions about when its necessary to add resources, relocate materials for more optimized picking and other critical functions that will greatly improve your inventory processes.

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Heat Map Example


Fuuz is device agnostic

PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, RF and industrial devices with internet browsers can all take advantage of Fuuz

Smart Devices – use your favorite scanners and other smart devices like Bluetooth beacons, RFID, NFC, wearables and more with Fuuz – no limitations and no software enhancements required.

Built for responsiveness – all screens that are accessible to your users within Fuuz are designed to adapt to whatever screen size they’re being viewed from, even if they were not originally intended for them. This means no awkward flipping between the PC and RF scanner anymore – do everything from one device.

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Cycle Mobile Screen
Use Fuuz apps on smart devices, tablets or PCs without additional 3rd party bolt-ons

Platform Flexibility

The Fuuz Platform

Ultimate flexibility providing our users the ability to create bespoke interfaces, without undermining the critical elements of the end goal

Device agnostic

Fuuz runs on any device with a web browser, period. Other packages claim this capability, but in reality in order to tap into all of their features, they do have limitations on what devices are compatible. The Fuuz platform has been engineered specifically to overcome the limitations with other commercial packages.

Run your apps, print labels and do whatever you need from PC, tablet, mobile, RF and from any OS as long as you have a browser enabled with internet connection on that device

No need for 3rd party bolt-ons

Fuuz includes a gateway OPCUA application, so unlike other packages – you’re not required to purchase additional licenses, maintain other software packages on your own servers and add complexity to your IT/OT operations

Fuuz includes a browser extension – minimizing the need for your end users to actually log into the Fuuz application – enabling them to tap into the features and apps you’ve created regardless of what web page they happen to be on – providing the most flexible, user friendly and available solution on the market.

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