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Transportation Management Solution

Fuuz TMS solutions offer scalable and flexible solutions as standalone transportation management applications, or integrated seamlessly with your WMS, ERP and other business systems.

Transportation management allows your logistics team to build loads, schedule inbound and outbound shipments, consolidate freight, integrate with 3PLs, Parcel shippers and much more.

Manage dock schedules and appointments, tracking information, LPN level tracking, staging and loading all via mobile apps that work on any device. Most TMS customers also take advantage of our WMS capabilities to keep everything in one place and make for a streamlined workflow in the shipping and material handling groups.

Configure your business rules, such as seasonality requirements, tarping, refrigeration and other pain points that your team likely has to deal with manually today. Manage customer requirements, including paperwork, labeling and more with most subscriptions to the platform.

Load Building and Staging


Fuuz supports inbound and outbound load construction, including multi-mode shipments such as Customer, Subcontractor and Transfer. Providing a seamless interaction for your logistics group to schedule multi-point shipments, dock appointments and more without having to navigate through multiple screens and learn different work flows. Once the loads are built, generating paperwork like pick lists, BOLs, packing slips and even barcode labels is easily done either from desktop or mobile devices. Any documents can be automatically generated and printed without any user interaction making for simple workflows and reduced human error. 

Loads Management - Inventory visibility - Mixed mode Shipping
Tablet Picking
Complete mobile solutions including RFID integrations can eliminate manual entry and errors
Modern browser based applications


Multi mode shipment types are setup within Fuuz depending on your situation. Customer, Subcontract and Transfer shipments are all supported either individually, or grouped into the same load configuration based upon your logistic needs.

Shipments are either created within Fuuz, as a part of the scheduling process where the requirements that need to be filled are integrated from another system, or the shipments can be created in the 3rd party system and pulled into Fuuz if that process step is done by another group outside of logistics. The flexibility of the process is completely open to your needs during implementation.

The scheduling process in Fuuz can be enhanced with load building features such as weight and volumetric cubing calculations so that your team can focus on getting the job done, and not have to use manual methods of determining how many pallets, cartons or lifts can fit on a single load. This also means that you can configure different types of equipment to be managed within Fuuz, trailer capacities, length, width, inside height and other attributes to be used as rules in determining how to build the loads for you.

Simple one step scheduling for all shipment types

Picking Processes

Whether you’re business is ready to ditch the paper pick tickets, or not, Fuuz supports many varieties of picking, staging and loading. 

The mobile, or digital capabilities of Fuuz and the ability to be utilized across any mobile device aids in the ability to drive real time information to your workforce as things change on your shipping docks. 

With our picking and staging apps – you can assign picks to individual users, they can access their list of tasks and then start their picking process with directed picking so you know they’re always going after the correct product, lot or expiry dates for your customer’s requirements. Our picking processes walk material handlers through each pick required for an order, shipment or full load depending on your setup. Directing them where to go (in your warehouse or docks) and what LPNs to be looking for based on your business rules. If you’re not necessarily concerned about shipping specific LPNs, that’s ok, it can be an anonymous pick, Fuuz will still validate all information about that pick on the initial LPN scan ensuring that the right products are being pulled for the order. 

Fuuz supports single and multi step staging processes based on your facility layout, and business process. These are just configurations that are determined during implementation. 

Label and pack slip printing can be done manually, or on the fly based on the work flow you decide during implementation. 

Your logistics team can view status of any pick, in real time as they’re happening, trouble shoot and even change allocations as required. 

Directed Picking 1
Each line on the order is picked, with specific directions on where to find inventory
validated in real time by scanning the LPN, then progress is tracked visually for the user

Inventory Visibility

Syncronize your inventory records with Fuuz using our built in iPaaS capability, no need for antiquated point to point integrations, 3rd party software or delayed nightly processes. Now you can direct your logistics personnel where they need to go in real time without missing a shipment.

Track specific LPNs, Lots, Heats or any other pertinent information necessary to ensure that your team is picking the correct inventory for every shipment, every time.

FG Inventory

Documents and Labels

Leverage our built in Document designer – no need for 3rd party apps or manual creation of labels and shipping documents outside the system. When you combine the document designer with our gateway – then you can enable no click printing of the documents. Work with your implementation team to determine the proper trigger points in your workflow to print documents and they will automatically be taken care of. 

Whether you need documents on demand during the picking, staging or loading process or perhaps you want the documents printed when the truck driver arrives, all of this is simple to configure during implementation based on your specific business needs. Customer specific documents are simple to setup and configure as well as EDI integrations if necessary. 

E-Document delivery is also an option with Fuuz, if you need documents delivered to specific recipients via email, or even FTP delivery this can be setup with minimal effort.

Any printed documents are supported
with data from Fuuz or any other source
Internal or Customer specific labeling can
designed in minutes

With the flexibility of the Fuuz platform, any business process or rules can be implemented in just hours. No need for custom development to be done by the software vendor. Your IT team can even learn how to manage the workflows in the platform so that as needs change you maintain full control of the system.

Fuuz has provided robust and flexible logistic solutions for nearly every industry from raw material manufacturing to consumer product distribution.

Shipping Integration

Use the Fuuz applications platform to pick, pack and ship your parcels, generate shipping labels and schedule pickups, including parcel and TL/LTL shipping integrations.

Or, you can extend the shipping integration to your ERP or WMS and activate the creation of parcel shipping labels with the click of a button. Fuuz streamlines processes to help your logistics team get product out the door fast with less stress. Fuuz accommodates Integrations with the most popular carriers and/or brokers of your choosing.

Integrates with any ERP or WMS you already have
Select shipments and print labels on demand

Use the Fuuz browser extension to extend and connect with any system accessible through a web browser. This eliminates the need for development expertise across multiple solutions. And Fuuz customers use the built-in Document Designer to create fully customized documents, including parcel labels, packing slips, gift notes and more.

The Fuuz platform eliminates the need for logging in and maintaining other apps like Worldship or Ship Manager. Fuuz integrates with carriers including common carriers and LTL to help automated your shipping process. Many customers using the Fuuz platform to provide carrier labels are high volume shippers doing 15k+ parcel shipments daily. There are also lower volume shippers who just want to streamline the process and eliminate the potential for human error.

The ability for Fuuz to operate within your existing system, is unparalleled in this space. Not only can you operate in a single system, but you can augment the existing system with features and capabilities it does not provide our of the box, including automatic selection of services based on rules you can define.

Fuuz works from within your existing system
Configure documents, labels, workflows and more
Generate complex documents, packing slips, load sheets and more
Carrier integrations eliminate 3rd party apps

Generate parcel shipping labels and tracking data on click or via API integration with your existing software solutions.

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