Transportation Management

Transportation Management Solution

Use the Fuuz platform to manage supplier, customer, and transfer shipments with easy access to the data in your ERP or other systems. Enable your logistics team to work more efficiently, scheduling inbound and outbound shipments with visual dock calendars. You can also merge your product and order information with the carrier data of your 3PLs, or if you manage your own freight, then you can take advantage of yard management tools and other features in the platform.

fuuz™ software platform screenshot

The Fuuz platform can support any process you have in place, including truck schedules based on weight limits, seasonal requirements, tarping and refrigeration, axle load limits, and much more. It’s quick and easy to generate load cubing and documentation such as BOLs, packing slips, labels, load sheets, and others within the Fuuz platform.

Fuuz has provided robust and flexible logistic solutions for nearly every industry from raw material manufacturing to consumer product distribution.