MFGX Participates in Industry 4.0 Roundtable

Internat 4.0

MFGx Founder Craig Scott and Senior Sales Account Executive Craig Sorgi participated in the Industry 4.0 AMHUB roundtable, hosted by Automation Alley and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Industry leaders participated in the April 27 event to discuss “Efficiency, Resiliency & Agility with Smart Manufacturing.”

Industry 4.0 Challenges Addressed

Industry 4.0 challenges were addressed as part of Automation Alley’s 2022 roundtable series. This is a topic that’s always top of mind at MFGx. We developed the Fuuz platform to overcome many of the common Industry 4.0 challenges discussed during the roundtable. We work every day to help companies in Michigan and around the world connect their hardware, software, plants, people and trading partners with seamless access to actionable data.

It was a pleasure to share our insights and to chat with and learn from other leaders working at the intersection of manufacturing and digital transformation. We all share a common interest in helping the manufacturing sector integrate new technologies, accelerate Industry 4.0, and compete on a global scale, increasing efficiency, resilience and agility.

Efficiency, Resiliency & Agility with Smart Manufacturing

The team at Automation Alley had 3 takeaways to share after the roundtable, and we couldn’t agree more.

  1. Culture: You can’t implement new technologies successfully without first addressing talent needs
  2. Finance: Find your ROI and start small
  3. Technology: Digital transformation means adopting a software-based business model

All three of these points resonate with our team. We’ve seen how much time and money manufacturers spend to  deploy cloud enterprise software and all of the bolt-ons needed to personalize its performance. That’s why we developed a no-code, low-code, pro-code solution that was easy to scale and could be maintained by virtually anyone — even people without traditional IT skills. 

If you want to learn more about the Fuuz applications platform, Craig Scott gave a fantastic explanation of Industry 4.0 connectivity and why you need a platform to achieve it  during our April webinar

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to Industry 4.0 for manufacturers. Events  like Automation Alley’s roundtable are critical for bringing the industry together to collaborate, innovate and grow. Automation Alley, WEF’s highly regarded Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB) for Michigan, has successfully built a forum where industry, academia and government can come together to discuss advanced manufacturing technology within the context of Industry 4.0 and smart factories. 

MFGx is proud to support both Automation Alley and manufacturers across Michigan and around the world as they pursue digital transformation. If you’d like to learn more about the topics we discussed during the roundtable, Automation Alley has an excellent recap available. 

Join Us at INTEGR8 on May 10, 2022

Automation Alley’s global Industry 4.0 conference, INTEGR8, is on May 10 and our team will be there. Get in touch if you’d like to get together during the event. We hope to see you there!


Fuuz, from MFGx, is a no–code, low–code, pro–code applications platform that delivers Industry 4.0 to manufacturing businesses across industries. With rapid deployment of stand–alone apps and connectors to existing software, businesses can capture data, connect processes, people and machines — all in a single platform ecosystem.

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