Manufacturing Execution

Coud ERP and MES

Manufacturing Execution System

Fuuz MES provides several off the shelf features that get any manufacturing company up and going in no time. The package management capabilities of the Fuuz platform allow our customer’s to pick and choose from a library of standard components to build their ideal MES solution and integrate it with existing software if necessary. 

Dozens of pre-built processes drive implementation time down compared to other software packages and eliminate starting from scratch. The platform is version-less, which means you get the ability to customize your solution but the reliability of not being on an island with custom software. Possible combinations of features is endless, no matter what industry you’re in you’ll quickly realize that Fuuz is the right solution.

How do we do it? You’ll have to request a demo to find out. We’re so proud of our software that you’ll see examples below of just a few options, we don’t hide behind cartoon graphics. 

Product Setup and Configuration

Choose whether you want your products, BOM’s and manufacturing routings to be imported from another software package via our iPaaS module, or manage them directly within the Fuuz App.

Fuuz off the shelf provides functions for co-products and by-products as well as recipe, batch and lot management. Fuuz supports mixed mode manufacturing environments, eliminating the need for multiple software applications to be installed.

Leverage any images, work instructions or other attachments to help your staff produce quality products, on time, every time. The Fuuz gateway and built in iPaaS provides the ability to tie into existing PLMs and other data stores, network drives, drawing vaults and more to ease the burden of implementation and help drive consistent automation of delivering the right document to the right user, at the right time.

Products Sign Printing 02 1

Product Tracking and Genealogy

Fuuz Apps support product license plating out of the box, as well as any number of nested packaging requirements you may have including but not limited to pallets, cartons, boxes, inner packs, outer packs, bags, cases and more. Fulfill customer specific labeling requirements, GS1 or other as required.

Lot traceability is automatic in Fuuz, from receipt of raw goods to WIP processing and Finished Goods warehouse transfer. Configure lot attributes to be collected in realtime via any Fuuz end user screen. Lot numbering can be based on in-house requirements, or customer requirements as needed.

Need Heat and Grade Tracking? No problem, Fuuz does that. Define grade templates, link them with products and then track and apply actual measurements for mechanical and chemical properties.

Raw materials and wip can be backflushed many ways including FIFO which works well in bulk or silo supply. Alternatively, if you’re looking for more granular traceability and quality control you can issue materials directly to workcenters for consumption by 1 or more production orders, or directly to a production order for a more explicit allocated approach. This ties into the lot management capability of Fuuz so you always know where things are and where they came from should you need to back track for any reason. 

Check out our other pages to learn how this can be provided to customers and suppliers as EDI, or use the drag and drop document design tool to create your own certificates of analysis in just minutes.

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Production History Records
Production and workcenter history with labor tracking and depletion traceability

Work Order Dispatching

Work Orders in Fuuz can be created directly within the system, or integrated from another software package; for example if you do your Supply and Demand Planning somewhere else.

The work orders are placed within respective dispatch screens, depending on the type of operation. For example, some companies are workcenter centric while others are staff or operator centric. Work orders can be assigned to workcenters and/or staff as required and the dispatch then becomes available to your end users to choose from.

Real time updates to work orders will be instantly reflected everywhere in the system. Unlike other software packages, Fuuz uses its own APIs so all updates are realtime, and all screens are able to notify the user if something has changed, without having to constantly refresh their application, providing for a much smoother user experience.

Choose during implementation of the Fuuz MES app whether you want to schedule work orders in an external system, or go for a more advanced solution and leverage our built-in finite capabilities which can take your firmed work and release it based upon workcenter or staff capacity and other constraints like tooling, resource availability, stock sizes, packaging availability, remnant materials or any other constraint physical or virtual that your operation needs to consider.

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Dispatch List
Workcenter or Operator dispath list prioritization
Workcenter Calendar Software Tablet Company One Shift 02
Workcenter and operator calendar schedule veiws

Lot Tracking

Out of the box lot and LPN level tracking is done leveraging the inventory and product modules within the MES solution set. 

Define your lot attributes, even customer defined lot attribute requirements can be associated via standard configuration options you can implement, or via a more complex script depending on the general complexity of your requirements.

Track product expiry dates, re-test dates and lot test values for all products at the LPN, carton, piece or pallet level to meet your needs. 

Lot tracking visibility can take place at multiple points throughout the system, including inventory, lot management or even from the product perspective. 

Control what lots of material can be shipped to certain customers, with customer approvals via the lot management applications. From the lot management application you can quickly see all LPNs associated to a specific lot, without having to dig and dig through screens and production reports. Automatically generate emails and alerts to notify customer service or logistics when lots reach certain milestone dates. Even trigger retests with automatic work order creation if necessary.

Specify proofing requirements at the strategy level, allowing for multiple requirements setting depending on various manufacturing conditions or parameters. The proofing configurations allow you to then specify what items are validated during production via an operator interface, or those that maybe done offline in labs via lot tests. 

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Lot Management
Lot Management at a glance management
Lot details
Lot Details and quick links to important drill downs
customer defined attributes
Define your own lot attributes
LPN lottracking
One click to track down lot inventory
Create and track tests and results for all tests
Define Proofing / Characteristics to track against production lots
proofing details
Define Characteristics - upper/lower limits and frequency

Production Tracking

Tracking production is the first step in getting your arms around your operation, understanding efficiency, capacity and utilization of resources.

Fuuz is a real time system, with options. Depending on your process you may need to track by unit, container, lot, batch or perhaps your process is continuous. Fuuz supports every manufacturing method. Not only that, but Fuuz can support more than one method in one system. No more having to look for software that is specific to certain processes, do it all in a single solution.

Manually enter good units and reject units produced at a frequency that makes sense for your business…  realtime, once an hour, each shift, whatever makes the most sense for your particular need. Fuuz doesn’t try to force fit solutions where they don’t belong.

Operator dashboards can be quickly personalized to provide the exact level of interaction needed. Unlike most cloud based software solutions, Fuuz is not limited and does not require one version of anything. Out of the box, you’ll be able to specify based on the type of process which dashboard makes the most sense. Some are heavy on data collection and some are very light. We strive to ensure that everything happening on the plant floor is as easy, streamlined and intuitive as possible to ensure that your team doesn’t miss a beat and your profits don’t take a hit.

Each of the following dashboard examples, are merely that, examples – to illustrate the flexibility and extensibility of the solution – your team will be trained on how to manipulate and/or create these dashboards in just minutes to adapt to any process. This is great for growing companies, taking on new business or product lines, saving you time and money while being able to promise your customers quick time to delivery.

Dispatch Batch Label Print Dialog
Pre Printing WIP or FG labels in batch
Medical Kitting screen
Detailed instructions and inspection requirements
Auto Labeling Screen
Real time integration with automated packaging lines

Fuuz connects via our integrated gateway directly with your industrial equipment providing the ability to automate processes – grabbing data from various systems to streamline manufacturing processes, eliminating manual labor and need for users to interact with the software.

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Batch Production
Food Mixing Production Screen
Bulk and batch production interface with Silos
Discrete / Integrated Production
Production Screen Large Buttons Touch Device
Touch screen interface with test machine integration

The Fuuz Gateway provides direct 2-way communication with your industrial equipment, testers, scanners and more – now you can eliminate the need to train your staff on different apps and they can focus on just getting the job done.

Co-Product Production
Steel Production Multiple Out
Multiple products and concurrent production
Mass Work Order Production
Printing Multiple Work Order Processing
High volume production Start / Stop and Inspectcions
Continuous Production (Load)
Apparel Job Loading Screen
Multi-part production line collection points
Continuous Production (Unload)​
Apparel Job Unloading Screen
Multi-part production line end of process labeling

Capture your manufacturing costs, at the moment they happen, including labor, material, workcenter cost and anything else that’s critical to your operation. This information can easily be reported out of Fuuz, or you can have us push this into another system, like your ERP for example. You will not need to purchase additional software to make that happen. Not only do we have native integrations with all major ERPs but they’re extremely flexible.

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Fuuz handles scheduling for manufacturing processes in a number of ways for our customers, in some cases this is fully automated based on criteria that you can define within the system such as Customer, Product or Process level attributes and just turn the engine on. Other processes may require some manual intervention, such as ganging or nesting work orders together for bulk operations like laser cutting, mixing, blending or even team or group assignments. There are many scheduling algorithms that can be implemented in addition to those shown, with simple drag and drop workflow tools available with the platform subscription.

No matter the complexity of your scheduling requirements, the orchestration tools available within the Fuuz platform provide the simplicity of adapting the data and stacking rules to meet your needs. Unlike other solutions, which provide rudimentary scheduling parameters at a product level, our customers are able to group, sort and order based on any data in the system.

Scheduling Apparel
Advanced scheduling based on your specific constraints
Scheduling and Assignment CNC Work Orders 01
Manual or automatic work order or task assignments

In operator centric activities, the ability to assign specific production orders to individual people or teams is done by supervisors or as an automated system process based on those individuals availability as determined by the calendar system in Fuuz which is as easy to setup as your outlook calendar.

Grouping Ganging Print Company
Ganging or nesting work for machines or operators based on dynamic criteria

Easily define availability of any resource or constraint in the calendar system – including workcenters, tooling, employees, subcontractors, quality inspectors and much more. You can use this system to simply have insight to the availability for smaller operations or low mix production environments that don’t require system automation; or leverage these setups in high mix, high volume operations where system automation is critical to avoid spending hours in the system trying to determine the best production schedule and product mix.

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Process Monitoring

Augment basic MES with Production and Process monitoring to automate manual processes. Track your equipment modes and states either from a user interface, with updates your operators can make or use our Gateway to connect directly into your industrial controls. No third party applications required!

Track and analyze your OEE/OAE/TEEP and other important metrics with real time information at your fingertips, from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Take this several steps further, with the ability to track IIoT level data as well like sensors, motors, probes, lasers and more -allowing you to contextualize everything in a single software platform. You’ll be able to do things like predictive quality and maintenance, easily automate these and forecast when you will need to preform maintenance, purchase new tooling, or change recipe settings.

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Single Line Dashboard
Workcenter dashboards
Production Line Process Dashboard
High volume time series data
Gannt Chart Example
Workcenter mode timelines
Sample Gauge Dashboard
Real time process monitoring with alerts