Machine PLC Monitoring

Machine Monitoring (PLC Integrations)

Streamline your shop floor operations and eliminate the need for operators to interact with other business systems. Solutions on the Fuuz platform include monitoring and analytics, process automation, label printing and automatic data collection.

Capture real-time data from your industrial equipment while your operators focus on producing quality products in the most efficient way possible. Machine connectivity also streamlines training and onboarding of new employees, increasing their productivity at a rapid rate.


Industry 4.0 and IoT require more than numbers and graphs on a screen. Fuuz introduces the ability to actually see your equipment so you have a full 360° view of your operations. All of this from a cloud-based platform that you can access no matter where you are in the world and at any point in time.

OEE Line1 Dashbaord
Track OEE/OAE/TEEP, efficiency, schedule attainment and utilization.
Plant Dashboard

The Fuuz applications platform also delivers shop floor monitoring, SVG live graphics, alerts and alarms, large screen displays as well as rotating displays.

Use the Fuuz Gateway to connect to anything within your network. If your machines aren’t already connected, we can help you design a solution quickly and cost effectively. We also work with several partners that specialize in various levels of the ISA standards.