Production Monitoring

Smart industry robot arms for digital factory production technology showing automation manufacturing process of the Industry 4.0 or 4th industrial revolution and IOT software to control operation .

Production Monitoring

Production monitoring is digitally capturing the Mode or State of your equipment at points throughout the day to determine the downtime and overall utilization of the equipment. Fuuz can help you identify when the machine is and is not running, but take that several steps further by providing you with details whether its running to your designated expecations.

Many production monitoring tools work well for single stations, single operator type processes but they fall short in complex manufacturing environments with crews, co-products, and particularly when your expected production rates vary from one product to another. These things are no issue for Fuuz. This really separates the platform from others in the marketplace. 

Whether you have an existing system like an ERP, MES or not you can still use Fuuz to capture this in real time. Even if you don’t have the most modern equipment with PLCs, Fuuz has simple operator dashboards that provide for touch screen interaction of shop floor employees to collect the relevant data so you can still have a bird’s eye view of your process from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connection.

Plant Page
Plant and Department level dashboards out of the box, or tailor them with our dashboard designer

Integrate seamlessly with your industrial controls and equipment, without the need for third party applications like Kepware, Wonderware or other OPC, MQTT, Modbus connections. Fuuz comes with a gateway that runs as a service on a small virtual machine that allows you to connect to your equipment without needing a VPN or RDP to setup and configure your devices.

The Fuuz Gateway also includes a built in ‘store and forward’ capability that typically you’ll pay extra for with other programs. If they do offer the module, you’ll still find yourself paying for and administering additional databases to support it. Many Fuuz customers are happy to not be in the business of adding complexity to IT to accomplish their OT projects.

Several examples of Line Level Dashboards are available and can be displayed on large screens with auto-refresh

Fuuz provides OEE and downtime metrics out of the box, however, you can also setup your own metrics like TEEP and OAE to meet your needs as well. There’s no limitation to how flexible the dashboards can be laid out, branded or displayed. 

For enterprise customers who need to share dashboards or reports with suppliers and or customers of their own, Fuuz supports this through external user setups. The Multi-Enterprise architecture of Fuuz and its cloud foundation provide the best platform for IT and OT teams to collaborate and extend functionality beyond their 4 walls. 

Device Function Test
Interact intuitively with PLCs from anywhere in the world with internet connection
DeviceConfig Store and Forward
Tag browsing on your devices
See all the devices connected and real time status
operator dashboard
Real time data changes with modern subscription technology for Cycle Counters and any other important data you need

The Fuuz Gateway provides bi-directional, real-time integration between your end users and your equipment. The example above illustrates the ability to interact with a PLC cycle counter directly from the cloud based HMI created in Fuuz.

As with the rest of Fuuz’s standard Apps, there are dozens of different operator interfaces you can choose from to make your project simple


Fuuz tracks all activity out of the box, even for the apps that you create yourself. So you’ll always have a full audit trail with date/time stamps as well as the user and the before + after values. 

Use the Fuuz Gateway to connect to anything within your network. If your machines aren’t already connected, we can help you design a solution quickly and cost effectively. We also work with several partners that specialize in various levels of the ISA standards.