Process Monitoring

Industry 4.0

Process Monitoring

Capture, analyze and aggregate data on a single platform in real time.

Process Monitoring (aka IIoT) brings data from your manufacturing assets into the platform so you can analyze the performance and stability of your processes. This is different from monitoring the production activity or state of the equipment, which Fuuz also does (Process Monitoring). 

You can monitor any attributes of your process and the best part is that its all stored in Fuuz, you don’t need to purchase 3rd party software to connect to your machines, nor do you need to purchase or implement costly data historians. Your ability to create dashboards is made simple with our WYSIWYG dashboarding tools. 

Control Engineers and IT teams will appreciate that all the configuration of the gateways and devices is done in the cloud, eliminating risk and concern with providing vpn or rdp access to your team or subcontractors to setup your IIoT monitoring solutions. 

The Fuuz Gateway also offers a built in store and forward, by just the click of a button you can determine which tag values are critical enough to ensure they’re not lost if your internet or network connections fail. The values are stored until the handshake with Fuuz cloud happens and then they are destroyed so you’re not maintaining expensive servers and several backups. 

Process Dashboard
IIoT Dashbaords are easy to create to fit your exact needs you can even add live annotations

Connect to any device or machine within your four walls, send data in real time to the platform, then display the data collected, even stream video to your dashboards for real-time context.

With over 100 different chart widgets you can select from, you’ll be sure to find the visuals that your team is looking for right out of the box. 

You can also setup alerts and notifications based on criteria that you can define, send via text, email or integrate with a telecom system. 

Process Dashboard 2 tag values
Look at specific tag value trends over time and zoom into whatever scale you need

Detail and scope of the data collected is entirely up to your team. Fuuz does not force you to into certain patterns, or only support certain assets. Anything in your plant including none equipment related devices such as temperature controls, building security and more can all be tied into the system.

Tag Historian
Native tag historian does not require "bring your own database"

Unlike most systems that only persist current data for your dashboards, Fuuz has a built in historian. This is extremely valuable because in addition to this sensor level data,  you can contextualize this (in Fuuz) with information collected about the production states as well as product quality and leverage machine learning capabilities to implement predictive quality and predictive maintenance.

Device Function Test
Engineers can interact with PLCs directly from the web
DeviceConfig Store and Forward
Browse tags intuitively with one click Store and Forward
Configure and test devices without needing VPN or RDP over incredibly secure connections with Fuuz Gateway

Instead of settling for something off the shelf, author your own dashboards and create the IoT/IIoT solution that works best for you.