IoT/IIoT Integrations

IoT/IIoT Integrations -- capture, analyze and aggregate data on a single platform in real time.

Customize your dashboards with designer tools that come with the Fuuz platform. Set analysis parameters to capture high volume frequency data and apply your ML algorithms for smart alerts and alarms.

fuuz™ software platform screenshot

Connect to any device or machine within your four walls, send data in real time to the platform, then display the data collected, even stream video to your dashboards for real-time context.

IoT Process Data Dashboard

Expand traditional IoT data using the Fuuz Gateway and augment it with real-time production, scrap, and other ancillary data pulled from multiple data sources. Check ambient temperatures or a job running in your MES as well as quality related data.

IoT Furnace Dashboard 1

Instead of settling for something off the shelf, author your own dashboards and create the IoT/IIoT solution that works best for you