Industry 4.0


Connect and integrate your processes, services, applications and data with IPaaS Integrations.

Fuuz™ comes with a fully integrated iPaaS Integration Suite that eliminates the need to buy middleware to connect the other software and devices you already have.

Some of the most popular and useful integration solutions we offer include:


Keep costs low and productivity high with a multi-tenant, cloud SaaS deployment model that eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming servers and maintenance. With the Fuuz flow designer (orchestration engine) there’s no need to wrap your self up with complicated testing, running on-premise services just to test out artificial integrations – you can do all of this online with 1 toolset. 

Integration connectors are available – out of the box – for all major software platforms including but not limited to: SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Acumatica, Quickbooks, Plex, JD Edwards and Infor just to name a few. 

Support for other technologies are also available such as PLM systems such as Arena and TeamCenter. 

Native database integrations for SQL, Oracle, Postgres. Generic HTTP/Rest connections as well as Web Service / SOAP based connections can all be configured in minutes. 

Other connectors include SMTP, FTP, SFTP,, Magento, Shopify, UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, CH Robinson, Best Transport and dozens of others.

The Fuuz Gateway can be installed on premise to provide unlimited access to all of your software, network folders, printers and other assets that reside behind your firewall. This provides a seamless integration between your cloud and on-premise applications using the Fuuz Flow Designer.

Unlike other software systems with point to point integrations that are very specific and purpose built to a specific application, the Fuuz connectors are much more flexible, allowing you to integrate with any data points that the 3rd party system allows, so you’ll never be left having to figure out painful work arounds for your integration needs.

Data flow designer does integrations with drag and drop functionality


Automate manual processes and connect your PLCs or other industrial equipment on a single platform. Capture the rich data gathered by your automated equipment and use it.

Fuuz Gatway supports Ethernet/IP, Modbus, TCP/IP, Siemens, MQTT, MTConnect and many other industrial based drivers without the need for additional 3rd party software.

Devices are integrated of course to support IIoT projects, like production monitoring, process and condition monitoring, but also can be integrated with our gateway to support other practical functions like auto printing of labels during production, or documents during a shipping or picking process.

One of the many differentiators with Fuuz device integrations, is the publish – subscribe capability. Unlike other software which can only integrate with your devices in one direction, Fuuz can integrate bi-directionally as well as provide you the ability to monitor the health of your attached devices. For example, should your label printers go off line or run out of label stock, you can setup notifications and alerts to avoid catastrophic production issues.

The Fuuz platform offers easy to use device setup and configuration – with a tree driven approach to finding the data points you care about inside each device you setup. In addition, store and forward capabilities to address network outages or latency are built into the platform, not sold as an additional feature or subscription – and you don’t need to hire a database expert to configure this for you, just check the box and hit update and the hard work is done for you.

Devices like other connections – can be integrated in with and incorporated with your business process flows that are quickly designed in the flow designer (pictured above), so not only can you have basic read interactions, but you can push recipes, red rabbits or anything else you need to make that device integration complete without the typical limitations of most integration packages.

DeviceConfig Store and Forward
Adding devices to Fuuz and enabling store and foreward capability


Connect your Accounting/ERP systems with your carriers and enable users to generate accurate shipping labels based on information that’s in your existing system.

Fuuz integrates with all major carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS; but we also offer 3PL connections like CH Robinson, Best Transport and many others. 

Often times we’re asked if we support a particular carrier – the answer is always yes. Just find out from  your carrier if they support either API or EDI integrations – If they don’t then we have other options available like FTP or email based integrations for smaller carriers.

As with anything else in the Fuuz platform, our shipping integration capabilities extend far beyond the typical software – allowing for straight forward manual interaction, or highly automated processes incorporated with weigh scales, conveyor processes or even in workflows like picking and staging. The point is you don’t have to always be sitting in front of your PC to get the labels and documents you need, with Fuuz. 


EDI Integrations

Orchestrate EDI integrations with your global trading partners. Easily use secure file transfer to send and receive documents. Take advantage of the configurable interface for standard documents or use the Flow Designer tool to do your own self-service mapping.

Onboard new customers or requirements with Fuuz’ easy-to-use EDI format. Create error alerts, set an EDI run schedule, or trigger on-demand real-time transactions.

Check below for formats Fuuz can support from an EDI perspective.

If you don’t see something you need, just send us a note, it may not be mentioned here – but with over 2500 integrations to date, we likely have the solution you’re looking for.

Trading Partner Screen
Setup partner configurations quickly so it’s easy to onboard new customers and suppliers.
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Log all transactional data using built-in tools for error-free handling. Add exceptions to your document import and export flows as your needs dictate.

Trading Partner Docs
Raw File View
Trading Partner Form
Address potential issues with your trading partners’ document setups using raw and human-readable data, and gain detailed error logging for rapid resolution.
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Get the full end-to-end EDI experience with the built-in Document Designer. Send and receive trading partner documents and create all printable forms of media required to address their requirements. 

Create perfect labels and shipping documents in minutes with drag and drop utilities, generate live previews without burning through label stock. Upload images, branding and more without needing a separate reporting tool.

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EDI Self Mapping

Deal with highly complex data from any industry, including automotive in line vehicle sequencing (ILVS). Fuuz handles extremely large payloads, allowing you to quickly run through sequenced data or other complex EDI data. Produce reports and integrate seamlessly with your ERP or other demand planning software.

Using our online training and knowledge base you can setup a new trading partner relationship in as little as minutes. Our orchestration tools allow you to do your own mapping of documents so you can address trading partner specific requirements. 

The list of specific documents supported by Fuuz integrations is exhaustive and complete, below are some of the standards supported by the system. 


formats3 1