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Fuuz® for Industries with Complex Operational Processes

Since its launch in 2018, Fuuz has helped hundreds of businesses across diverse industries achieve the benchmarks of Industry 4.0, helping them:

  • Get real-time, accurate insights into operations with an abundance of easily accessible data
  • Restructure and automate workflows to manage the same workload with fewer people 
  • Handle the same volume with less container movement
  • Automate the capture of production and quality data

Global companies run Fuuz at thousands of facilities to automate and monitor millions of transactions daily. And Fuuz serves companies of all sizes, from start-ups to publicly traded companies. Here are some real-world examples of how Fuuz has changed the way companies do business.

Fuuz Platform Technology Is the Pathway to Rapid Transformation

Fuuz employee working on laptop and speaking over the phone about its benefits.
Fuuz Platform users experience cost reductions, fewer errors, more accurate information and rapid delivery of solutions.
Fuuz Platform users experience a high adoption rate with brilliantly simple User Interfaces (UIs).
Fuuz Platform users experience freedom from the constraints of monolithic software, point solutions and middleware vendors.
Fuuz users experience successful projects built, managed, and maintained using a single platform solution.
Ignite innovation with Fuuz. Our customers have.

Sample Solutions From Fuuz Customers

Here’s a quick look at a few of the solutions we’ve helped our customers build using Fuuz Platform, out-of-the-box apps like our Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) and Transportation Management Solution (TMS), and, of course, the Fuuz Platform tools.

Factory line of cars with hoods up, going through an inspection, and symbolizing the Fuuz solution to the auto industry’s complex platform problems.
Tier 1 Automotive Industry Supplier used Fuuz to:

Bridge the gap between the Engineering Bill of Materials (eBOM) and the Materials Bill of Materials (mBOM).

Integrate Team Center Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with their existing ERP.

Maintain a Golden Record of master data.

Build a Warranty Tracking solution.

Leading Contract Packager uses Fuuz Platform.
Leading Contract Packager used Fuuz to:

Fully automate its Pack/Label line to support 20,000 UPS/FedEx packages daily.

Freight and Yard/Trailer Management Business uses Fuuz Platform.
Freight and Yard/Trailer Management Business used Fuuz to:

Deploy the out-of-the-box MES app.

Deploy the companion TMS industrial-strength app.

Create custom documents, shipping, material certifications and barcoding.

Manage trucks, staging and loading.

Integrate 300+ workcenters.

Integrate a fully Robotic/RFID Paint Line.

Develop a constraint-based tool for Ford In-line Vehicle Sequencing (ILVS) process.

Steel Manufacturer uses Fuuz.
Manufacturer and Distributor of Steel Products (with 40 sites) used Fuuz to:

Build Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to support steel mills and other customers.

Automate creation of barcode labels, material certifications and custom documents using the Fuuz Platform tool Screen Designer.