Fuuz™ the Industry 4.0 platform, has helped hundreds of businesses across diverse industries since its launch in 2018.

Take a look at all of the industries we’ve served. Don’t see yours on the list?  That’s okay. Reach out to our team and we’ll find a solution that’s just right for you.

Aerospace and Defense

The stringent and challenging requirements of providing quality products and services to the Aerospace and Defense industry leave suppliers in the dark when it comes to finding a solution that can fit their needs. This is no longer the case with Fuuz, we can deploy your solution in a public cloud which is heavily protected by AWS, or your own private cloud on AWSGOV should you require it.

The flexible nature of Fuuz allows it to be tailor-fit to meet your access and control restriction policies, NIST Compliance, and ITAR requirements with ease. Backed by the security of the AWS architecture at the public cloud level all of your needs can be met without needing the additional expense of GovCloud. For those companies that require GovCloud compliance, we have you covered for an extra fee.

Define how you wish to track and trace your products and processes to meet, quantity, and report out on all of your customer requirements quickly and easily with our built-in tools so as the needs change over time, you can easily adapt and not be waiting for your software vendor to implement those changes for you. Embed quality metrics into your production operations to ensure your production staff are performing the proper checks and calibrations all the way through your process. Connect Fuuz with your industrial equipment to track and measure real-time process control data that can easily be tied to your products providing you with the most accurate data possible.

Use Fuuz to help your quoting process, documentation, ISIR inspections, and more – it can be your single source of truth which will impress your customers and help your operation run smoothly with real-time data at everyone’s fingertips.


The engineering team at Fuuz™ has spent decades working with automotive clients all around the globe. The platform offers several ready-to-run solutions, just like everyone else. The difference with Fuuz™, however, is the platform’s ability to adjust to your specific business and/or customer needs.

Whether you deal with the OEMs or tiers, you’ll find the capabilities of Fuuz™ far exceed any other commercial package available. Streamline and automate your supply chain and logistics needs and provide a single source of truth across the company. Capture manufacturing, warehousing, and quality information in real-time and use that information to act quickly on containment issues or opportunities for continuous improvement.

Meet the needs of your OE customers quickly and efficiently with Fuuz™, leverage the visual document designer to create any customer-facing documents like shipping labels, paperwork, pallet lists or anything else required. Configure specific rules based on customer or ship-to location. Even incorporate EDI and ASN with your process inside Fuuz™ to eliminate manual data entry, errors, and time delays in communicating critical information with your customers.


Fuuz™ enables distribution by providing augmented solutions to your existing WMS or ERP. Generate customized pick lists, force FIFO, leverage directed picking and put away features, and more. The platform also natively handles EDI; connect to your VAN and start pulling orders in real-time, eliminate manual printing and data entry by automating the creation of orders, then push orders out to any of your fulfillment centers.

Integrate with carriers and brokers to facilitate the load build and creation with minimal effort from your shipping and warehouse staff. Whether it’s just generating standard UPS/FedEx labels, or creating cubed out loads for your 3PL companies, Fuuz™ does it all. With our integration capabilities, you can leverage data already in your other systems and reduce your workload to mere minutes. You can even fully automate these processes using our workflow options. The Fuuz™ platform is fully mobile responsive, meaning any solutions you need can be used via mobile devices to help your workforce be more efficient.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage companies struggle with compliance and customer-facing requirements when it comes to selecting a system for their business. The great thing about Fuuz™ is that it’s so flexible and configurable there’s literally no requirement you cannot satisfy. No matter what you need to track and/or report on, from product traceability to lot control and quality control, Fuuz™ has you covered.

Take advantage of the huge network of Fuuz™ customers to build and expand your usage of the platform to meet your needs. Level up your business with added capabilities like EDI, API data transfer, and real-time transactional data. Fuuz™ has worked with several major OE Food and Beverage clients and has the experience to provide you with a perfect solution to meet the needs of your business now but also as you grow and scale in this globally connected economy.

The Food and Beverage industry has been neglected for a long time when it comes to software and technology; this is no longer the case with Fuuz™. The adaptability of the platform allows your organization to adapt and leverage technology like never before. We understand that your customers are demanding and need you to be agile and change processes or integrations on the fly, this is exactly what Fuuz™ provides. Your team can be trained to leverage the platform or rely on our integrators to help you eliminate the need to worry about this part of your business so you can focus more on your bottom line.

Process Manufacturing

Traditionally, process-based organizations such as heat treaters, coaters, platers, packers, and others are hard-pressed to find a solution that meets their needs. Most ERP/MES solutions are built for product-based or distribution-based organizations. The Fuuz™ platform comes ready-made for process-based companies, providing streamlined receipt of customer-supplied products, traceability, and processing those products through.

Let Fuuz™ handle the receipt, wip, and outbound fulfillment of your process-based manufacturing and collect the real-time data that can then be aggregated and pushed into your accounting or ERP system. Unlike other options on the market, Fuuz™ is the only one that lets you twist the system to meet your needs, rather than forcing you to twist your business processes to meet the needs of the system.

We also know that your customers are demanding, they want their products back often times faster than you can get them through. Fuuz™ will give you the ability to get accurate perspectives on capacity, so your sales and scheduling teams can provide more accurate information to customers and set proper expectations. This also gives you more flexibility to manage things like min charges, expedites, and so on. Connecting to your equipment through the controls will give you the ability to track and monitor all processes, with this data captured electronically – the generation of process certifications that your customer requires will be just the click of a button at any point in your process.


Fuuz™ can help automate time-sensitive information transfers between your retail and distribution channels. Pull real-time sales information from retail stores, trade shows, and other sources and compute this information directly into your ERP or Accounting software. Connect e-commerce sales channels so that orders are entered and processed in real-time without manual data entry that can lead to missed information or incorrect data getting to your fulfillment channels.

Our platform can handle any volume of transactions, and any number of retail stores or e-commerce channels. Fuuz™ handles all the EDI and API integrations behind the scenes and offers extensions that allow your sales associates to push orders in real-time so you’re not waiting for some nightly batch to process, like most other products on the market do. Handle Scan Based Transactions, Customer consignment and order/inventory allocations all within Fuuz™ as well.

Monitor how things are going using our dashboard tools, and slice and dice the data however you need by store, region, salesperson, product, customer, etc. – it’s all up to you. Compared to other integration and reporting tools in your industry, Fuuz™ gets you the last mile so you’re able to operate at the most efficient level to keep up your volume and your bottom line.

Discrete Manufacturing

Fuuz™ fits well into any Discrete Manufacturing environment. The system is flexible enough to work with any existing MES/MOM or ERP you have already in place, or work stand alone and give you the ability to perform all of the typical discrete functions.

Cut Work Orders, receive and consume materials, track labor and machine time against work order completions and manage your inventory as well.

The system offers the capabilities of both serialized and Lot based inventory control, as well as any additional attributes you need to track pertaining to your products, processes and/or inventory transactions.

Regardless of your industry, if you’re a discrete manufacturer, job shop, short run or prototype house our Platform will provide you with the tools to do the job, and the analytics behind it to get real time visibility to your production operations and costs.

Continuous Manufacturing

Fuuz™ is unrivaled in its flexibility and agility within your environment. Many of our customers have diverse internal processes between facilities. Some maybe discrete others continuous; some may do both.

Leverage Lean Boards and Cards to enable your continuous processes without the need to schedule time consuming and cumbersome Work Orders. Whether your process itself is continuous, or the demand for the process needs to be continuous, our solutions will provide you the flexibility to manage your supply and demand with ease.

You can setup your own manufacturing definitions and strategies to ensure when your production is running, it is running as efficiently as possible. Many of our continuous customers also look into integrating with their industrial equipment to track real time process conditions and leverage ML algorithms to drive predictive analytics to help avoid costly downtime.

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Fuuz™ bridges the gaps and limitations that that traditional solutions bring. Saving customers time, cost and complexity found in the myriad of bolt-ons and point solutions in the market. Fuuz™ is the only platform that provides the flexibility to solve any business challenges, even in the most complex of environments. Our no-code event-driven architecture provides the tools to solve challenges quickly and eliminate IT/OT complexity.