Fuuz Apps

Fuuz™ is your solution for Industry 4.0 and so much more.

Rather than shopping around for point solutions to meet your business needs, Fuuz™ offers both ready-made and fully tailored solutions capable of doing it all in one place. Fuuz is the only commercial solution that provides it’s customers with a hybrid between that “ready to run” enterprise grade apps and the flexibility to adapt those to your specific needs, when needed. Customize if you need it, use out of the box, when you don’t. 


Coud ERP and MES

Manufacturing Execution System

Build a truly integrated system based on your business’s unique needs. Close gaps between the software you have or build a custom solution.

Industry 4.0

Production Monitoring

Experience seamless integration between the shop floor and your business systems to analyze data and push real-time updates to operator interfaces.

machine monitoring

Process Monitoring

Eliminate multiple apps, browsers, or redundant data entry and bring everything into a single interface, allowing your team to work efficiently.

The Applications Platform for Industry

Warehouse Management System

Manage inventory, RFID tracking, scale integrations, and more. Fuuz adapts to your needs whether you run a single facility or a global organization.

Industry 4.0

Transportation and Shipping

Work more efficiently whether you manage your own freight or use 3PLs with dock calendars and schedules.

And use Fuuz as a stand-alone shipping station or integrate with your ERP/WMS.

Coud ERP and MES


Use the iPaaS Integration Suite to leverage data, with pre-built connectors to popular apps and enterprise software.

A connect with trading partners over secure FTP and exchange documents in the required formats.