Fuuz is Different

Fuuz is Dif

How Fuuz is Different

Fuuz™ from MFGx is unlike any other point solution or no-code platform on the market. It was built for industry, with capabilities to address the challenges of manufacturers and distributors globally.

Unlike other major OEM brand options, Fuuz integrates and augments any open sources of data, allowing companies to leverage current solutions, industrial equipment and operating systems. It is the only solution on the market with integration capabilities that enable customers to not only connect to devices within their enterprise, but to other systems, databases and sites as needed.

Fuuz comes out of the box with many standard device drivers, including native and IP printers, serial devices, file folders, EtherNet/IP, Siemens, Modbus, TCP/IP, OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) and more. Because we own the platform, we’re able to quickly create and deploy new drivers on demand for our customers. Alternatively, we can use the OPC-UA connectivity to use any existing OPC server. Fuuz has its own gateway, which provides secure real time pub-sub connectivity between your on-premise devices, databases and more – to our cloud backend.

Fuuz is the only IoT solution that provides simple and intuitive interface design tools, connecting and empowering people at every level of the enterprise by automating the collection of real-time shop floor data.

With Fuuz, small to mid-size companies now have the option to move to an integrated platform for a fraction of the cost of traditional big-name platforms.