Fall in Love with Your ERP or MES Solution All Over Again

ERP and MES Broken Hearts 1

Don’t break up with your ERP or MES provider this Valentine’s Day.

Come together on the Fuuz platform.

Love is in the air and the team at Fuuz has one type of relationship on our minds – the one you have with your ERP or MES provider. These relationships aren’t exactly romantic, mind you, but they are invaluable for connecting your production planning and manufacturing processes to the rest of the business. And, like any relationship, it’s frustrating when you invest time and money in something only to find it doesn’t deliver the results you’d hoped for. You may even be thinking it’s time to break up with your ERP or MES provider but, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we have a better idea. Don’t break up with your ERP or MES provider. Come together on the Fuuz platform. Fall in love with your ERP or MES Solution All Over Again.

Why ERP and MES Solutions Let Manufacturers Down

It’s not uncommon to be swept off your feet by a solutions provider that promises to make all your dreams come true. Easy integration, real-time insights into manufacturing processes, less time spent on manual entry and more time spent boosting your efficiency and, perhaps most importantly, delivering the insights and automation you need to kick your digital transformation into high gear. Maybe your friends warned you otherwise, but you were ready to take the next step, believing that this solution was the one for you. That it was going to enable Industry 4.0 at your business.

Point Solutions Create Friction in Your ERP and MES Relationship

You say yes to ERP or MES and are on top of the world… at first. As your team integrates the solution and gets to know it better, you begin to realize something is missing. A lot of something’s. Sure, the system can do amazing things for your business. But customizing the solution to suit your needs is intense, hard work. And the solution needs a lot of “friends.” We’re talking about third-party bolt-ons. These friends just complicate your relationship with MES or ERP. Their intentions are good but the dream of digital transformation is more remote than ever.  All of a sudden, it’s not about your business and the solution you thought you were getting. It’s your business and your relationship with 10 other vendors. 

How Fuuz Maximizes the Value of ERP and MES Solutions

The elusive IIoT is difficult to achieve when your business is working with a dozen different vendors. Even if you’ve got a top-notch IT team, and we know those individuals are hard to come by these days. That’s another complicating factor. It shouldn’t be difficult to get everyone in the relationship working together. But it is. And the result is that your business is unable to respond quickly to changing business demands. You find yourself wondering why it’s so hard to automate the printing of a label from your RFID scanners. 

ERP and MES Heart Break

An applications platform cuts the clutter of countless ERP and MES point solutions.

What if there was a better way? Well, there is, and it’s Fuuz from MFGx. Fuuz is a no-code, low-code, pro-code applications platform that can bring your manufacturing operations and solutions providers together. It’s the SINGLE solution to all of those point solutions between you and your primary relationship. Instead of collaborating with a dozen third-party bolt-ons and putting your IT team into overdrive, leave it to Fuuz.

We designed Fuuz to solve operational and scaling challenges across industries. With its fully integrated DevOps tool set, you can use it to get more out of your MES or ERP solution. The best thing about Fuuz is that it was designed to conform to your business – not the other way around. 

No-code, Low-Code, Pro-Code Applications Platform for Manufacturing Businesses

Thanks to the platform’s no-code, low-code, pro-code environment, your team can use it to perform any function without turning to a third-party vendor. Your IT staff  have the tools to develop professional solutions like schema design for one example. And your business staff can use the WYSIWYG editor to design documents, apps, and dashboards. That means less time spent on tedious tasks like designing code-heavy patches and more time deploying apps that create process and business efficiencies.

Re-connect with Your ERP or MES on Fuuz for the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted

For most people, Valentine’s Day is about love. For us, it’s about the joy of connecting your production planning and manufacturing processes with machines, devices, people, business software and yes, your ERP and MES solutions.

So, instead of breaking up with your ERP or MES provider, fall in love all over again. Get in touch with our team to find out how Fuuz can make your relationships work the way you’ve always wanted.

 Craig Scott is the Founder and CEO of MFGx and the applications platform Fuuz™. Over the past 20 years, Craig has identified problems in manufacturing and created companies and solutions to solve them. You can follow Craig on LinkedIn for more straight talk and sound advice.


Fuuz, from MFGx, is a no–code, low–code, pro–code applications platform that delivers Industry 4.0 to manufacturing businesses across industries. With rapid deployment of stand–alone apps and connectors to existing software, businesses can capture data, connect processes, people and machines — all in a single platform ecosystem.

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