Craig and Chris
Craig Scott and Chris Misztur

Webinar Recap

MFGx’ second virtual webinar, “How Manufacturers Can Really, Truly, Finally Get Value from Data” was a huge success! Mr. IIoT Founder Chris Misztur joined MFGx Founder Craig Scott to discuss how an applications platform, like Fuuz, is the missing link that can help companies achieve data-driven ROI faster. They also chatted about the 3 largest barriers to manufacturing technology success and shared real-world digital transformation stories.

If you missed the conversation and want to know more about why connectivity must come before data-driven ROI, don’t worry. It’s available on-demand via YouTube.

Industry 4.0 Webinar Recap

Like, wow! We had over 65 people for our first virtual webinar. Craig Scott, President and CEO of MFGx and the applications platform Fuuz had this to say right out of the gate. “Manufacturers don’t come to Fuuz for Industry 4.0. They come because they have a problem and MFGx has the solution.” If you missed the conversation Craig had with customer Mark McDonald, VP of Information Technology at MPI Corp, don’t worry. It’s available on-demand via YouTube and you can learn more about the discussion, as well as how Fuuz can solve your Industry 4.0 connectivity challenges on our blog.