EDI Integrations

EDI Integrations

Orchestrate EDI integrations with your global trading partners. Easily use secure file transfer to send and receive documents. Take advantage of the configurable interface for standard documents or use the Flow Designer tool to do your own self-service mapping.

Setup partner configurations quickly so it’s easy to onboard new customers and suppliers.
Log all transactional data using built-in tools for error-free handling. Add exceptions to your document import and export flows as your needs dictate.
Address potential issues with your trading partners’ document setups using raw and human-readable data, and gain detailed error logging for rapid resolution.
Get the full end-to-end EDI experience with the built-in Document Designer. Send and receive trading partner documents and create all printable forms of media required to address their requirements.

Deal with highly complex data from any industry, including automotive in line vehicle sequencing (ILVS). Fuuz handles extremely large payloads, allowing you to quickly run through sequenced data or other complex EDI data. Produce reports and integrate seamlessly with your ERP or other demand planning software.

Most point solutions in the marketplace do not enable self-service so you could be waiting weeks or months to onboard a new partner. The Fuuz platform supports all document styles including VDA, EDIFACT, x12 and more.

Map the conversion of raw EDI data into JSON and then into your system on the inbound side, and the reverse on all outbound EDI. The Fuuz specialized mapping process takes your JSON payloads and converts them into the raw EDI mapping of your choice. You can do all of this on your own without the need of third parties to help you onboard new trading partners. Or Fuuz can help you with it.

Setup trading partners in as little as a few minutes, or a few hours if they’re brand new to Fuuz. When your customers change their requirements, we know how crucial and time sensitive those changes can be. That’s why the Flow Designer with self-service mapping allows you to make adjustments on the fly in no time at all.