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The Everything-You-Need Digital HQ for Businesses with Complex Operations

Fuuz™ is for businesses with complex operations. Want stand-alone apps like a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)? Fuuz has a pre-built MES app and other essential apps for plant floor operations. 

Fuuz is also an applications development platform where IT teams can build and deploy apps fast. And it comes with pre-built connectors to most major software, saving time and money. Plus, no-code, low-code app creator tools are available for business and sales execs. 

Come for the apps. You’ll stay for the platform.

Industry 4.0

The Apps You Want

Jump-start innovation and close functional gaps in complex solution sets with pre-built apps like MES, WMS and more.

What Customers Say About Fuuz

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Craig Scott Talks

Founder and CEO of MFGx and the digital operations platform Fuuz, talks about the explosive growth of product development, and how software installations are getting shorter, leaving little time for a true implementation. That’s where the promise of Industry 4.0 on the Fuuz applications platform really shines by connecting everything and delivering value.

Fuuz is the Applications Platform Built for Industry

Fuuz™ is a multi-tenant no-code, low-code, pro-code applications platform designed to solve operational and scaling challenges across industries. With a fully integrated DevOps pipeline, your team can leverage Fuuz to connect, transform and extend your current ERP or MES software – or replace your outdated system entirely. 

Created by the enterprise software experts at MFGx, Fuuz has helped hundreds of clients all over the world streamline and modernize their business processes through a single and unified platform. 

Pre-built Solutions for Manufacturing Businesses Across Industries

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Fuuz Delivers Features to Accelerate Application Development

Want to learn about all our Feature sets? Download the pdf now.